Scuba Travel International (STI) helping our divers enjoy the best dive vacations with the least hassle.




STI is a FREE dive travel service available to YOU through your local SDI Facility

Dive travel is the number one reason people like you become SDI divers… at least that’s what we’ve learned from the feedback we get from divers around the world. You have told us here at Scuba Diving International Headquarters, that dive travel has: enriched your life; given you a new more upbeat perspective; resulted in you having more fun than ‘can possibly be legal’; and cemented the bond you have with special friends.
Of course, we’re big fans of ANY type of diving, including the local dive spots we have here on the Northeast Atlantic coast. However, we also have to admit that at least once a year, we forgo the pleasures of cool-water diving in the Gulf of Maine for something a little more exotic. And that is where Scuba Travel International™ (STI) comes in.
STI is the affiliated dive travel arm of Scuba Diving International, and as an associate member of SDI (or TDI and ERDI for that matter), is your personal resource for the inside scoop on the best dive travel deals available.
As your fast-track solution to special vacations, STI information is available to you through your local SDI facility or send an email to
In addition, every month, we will be featuring STI special offers here in your Associate Member eNewsletter. You will get a chance to book spots on guided trips to featured destinations which typically are as close as the Caribbean or the other side of the world.
ALL STI destinations are ‘Diver Tested’ meaning that STI staffers – folks who have been running dive travel for a generation – have visited the spots recently, done the dives, eaten in the restaurants, and sampled the local culture and given the whole package their seal of approval.
We hope to see you on an STI vacation soon and think you’ll agree with the rest of us here at HQ, STI puts the fun back in dive travel!
Scuba Travel International is proudly operated in conjunction with Ultimate Dive Travel. For more information, please call 1-888-778-9073 extension 302.


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