SDI Leadership Courses on offer at Tortuga Bay

Here is a listing of SDI leadership courses taking place from now until April at Tortuga Bay in Colorado.

  1. Divemaster class and pool session Feb. 21-22  9am-5pm
  2. Assistant Instructor Class and pool sessions Feb 28 and March 1 9am-5pm
  3. Instructor Class and pool sessions  Mar. 7-8 9am-5pm
  4. Leadership Crossover Mar. 14th 9am-5pm
  5. Evaluations for all levels Apr. 4-5 Blue Hole Santa Rosa N.M


All classes and pool sessions will be held at Tortuga Bay in Greeley Colorado. Tortuga Bay has two instructor-trainers on staff full time. All Divemaster Candidates are required to have the leadership manual. All AI candidates are required to have the leadership manual and the Standards and Procedures manual.  Instructor candidates are required to have the Instructor Pro Kit. Crossover students will need to purchase and complete the on-line crossover orientation and have all the required books included in the crossover package. Additional charges will be required for Class Time to complete the Crossover.

Tortuga Bay will furnish tanks and weights for all pool work and Evaluations. Dry suits and full 7mm wetsuits may be rented for evaluations.

Tortuga Bay is a 5 star PDC.

Hours of operation

M-F 10-5

Sat 10-5

Jeremy Bland

Tortuga Bay


SDI IT 10855

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