Spring Summer message from Adventure Scuba in Virginia…

We heard about an email letter being sent out by one of our newer members on the Eastern Seaboard, and thought we’d share it with you.

And of course, if you find yourself in Adventure Scuba’s area, drop in and check out their facilities!




Adventure Scuba now SDI facility

Dear Fellow Scuba Dive:
The dive season arrived quickly this year and we hope that you are enjoying yourself and making the most of your local diving.  Adventure Scuba Company made a big change this dive season; we have crossed over to SDI as our main training agency.  We realize there are many agencies out there to choose from and we feel that SDI is ahead of the other training agencies in the way they present their training.  SDI was the first agency to teach their students using dive computers instead of the dive tables and that proved to be a huge success.  Now SDI has an online training program.  What a great idea, do your academic work online and then come to one orientation, one class session and your four pool sessions, then you are ready for open water check out dives.  This eliminates some of the classroom training because of the great online materials.  Not only is Open Water class offered online but also many SDIspecialties and leadership courses including, divemaster. 
Adventure Scuba is located in Chantilly Virginia about 30 minutes from Washington DC.  We have a full spectrum of instructors that can help you learn how to snorkel all the way to becoming a SCUBA instructor.  We also have a technical training department if technical diving is what you enjoy TDI has a great tech program.  We are working on becoming a Professional Development Center, we will be able to reach out to the community and certify instructors on site and have people referred to us from SDI to get their instructor certifications. 
Adventure Scuba not only does training but we also have a full retail sales floor with all of the equipment you will need to start SCUBA diving and even for your specialty courses.  If we do not have what you are looking for we will do our best to get it for you.  Follow the link to our store https://www.scubava.com/PhotoGallery/tabid/63/Default.aspx choose Tour Adventure Scuba Company. 
Adventure Scuba Company has a local dive site Millbrook Quarry we use for local training dives.  Some people cannot imagine diving in a quarry, that is why we offer courses on most of our group dive trips.  You can travel with us and do your dive courses in the tropics, not too shabby!  We travel any where from Lake Rawlings down in Richmond to Australia!  We would love to have you on one of our trips weather it be to take an SDI course in the tropics or to just come and have a relaxing time diving.  Please visit our Travel page  https://www.scubava.com/DiveTravel/tabid/61/Default.aspx.
The staff at Adventure Scuba would like to thank SDI headquarters for coming down to cross everyone over from our previous agency to SDI in March.  The SDI programs has been a huge success with all of our students and we have figured out how the program will work smoothly in our store.  We hope to see YOU in one of our SDI/TDI classes soon. 
Happy Dive Season,
Adventure Scuba Company Staff 



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