Summer Tech Weekend – July 23 – 25 Key West

Dive with SDI TDI in Key West at Sub-TropicBook your spot NOW! 

This is a whole weekend hands-on, feet in the water experience diving, learning new things and checking out new gear in the birthplace of tech diving in the Sunshine State.


Check in at Sub-Tropic Dive Center on Friday. There will be charters going out to local dive sites including the Vandenberg, the second largest artificial reef in the world.

There will be a SDI Sidemount Diver Course being offered during the event.

There will be a SDI Sidemount Instructor course being offered during the event.

Register with Sub-Tropic Dive center for more information.

Gear Specials will be available. Hollis Gear and Itorch Lights will have various products on display. Nick Hollis From Hollis Gear will be at the event and doing the Dives!

Divers and Instructors with students are welcome.

Sub Tropic is offering early registration discounts for SDI/TDI members

Sub tropic has discount accommodations for those attending the event


Contact John Conway or Sub-Tropic NOW!

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