THE ESSENTIALS OF CAVE DIVING: New book from Jill Hienerith

Cave diving it might be argued is the purest and original form of technical diving. It has also been labelled the “most dangerous participatory sport” in the world.

As a technical training agency we feel that the special risks associated with cave diving can be managed and planned around given the correct training, experience, guidance, and equipment. We are also sure that cave diving is not everyone’s cup of tea, but those that do make the special effort needed to become a skilled cave diver, enjoy this challenging and rewarding activity, for a lifetime.

One of the stalwarts in the cave diving community is Jill Heinerth. She has decades of technical diving and teaching experience, and has made world record cave dives. She has explored caves and other underwater environments that have changed the way other divers approach their personal dives. Jill is also a member of the Woman Divers Hall of Fame, and an accomplished author. Her latest book is a full-color contemporary guidebook entitled “The Essentials of Cave Diving.”


In keeping with her no-nonsense, realistic approach to extreme diving, Jill’s new book contains practical 21st century underwater knowledge, including sidemount techniques and the latest rebreather technology, for all levels of cave diver, even those who prefer their adventures while sitting in an armchair.

Jill is accepting orders now.

By the way, Jill will host and emcee the NSS-CDS Cave Diving workshop May 21-23 in Florida. Drop by and say hello, and learn a great deal about cave diving from one of the most approachable experts operating in the field today.

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