Would you like your SDI and TDI C-Cards to have your photo on them?


One constant request we’ve heard from divers just like you is: “I’d like to have my photo on c-Cards. When TDI was first formed this was a feature we moved away from and feedback was pretty much split down the middle between the pros and cons. For the past several years, SDI, TDI and ERDI C-Cards have not carried diver pictures but at DEMA 2008, we launched a new in-store c-card and diploma printing system and now you have an option!


Part of the functionality of our new In-Store C-Card and Diploma Printing system gives participating facilities the ability to add a store logo and information AND to include the student ID picture. Because of this new feature, ANY SDI, TDI or ERDI facility registering students through our Online EZ Registration can also upload and crop your photo and it will be printed on your card… regardless of whether the card is printed at the facility or at our Headquarters in Maine and shipped out from there!


So, if you would like to have a photo added to any of your current SDI, TDI or ERDI c-cards, drop by your local facility and ask for a replacement card with student ID picture. All you have to pay is a modest replacement card fee!


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