Youngest diver in Antarctica?

SDI Diver Sets New World Record… we think!

Evan and Dad prepare for dip in freezing waterSDI Diver Evan Bozanic has just returned from a diving expedition to Antarctica, where he succeeded in setting a new world record… or at least a record of note! Evan dove just south of the polar circle, becoming at age 11 what is believed to be the youngest person ever to SCUBA dive in Antarctica. World record or not, several of us at HQ are hugely envious and impressed. That’s one heck of a dive for any diver!

Evan took a four week hiatus from school to travel to Antarctica with his father, SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer and acclaimed author Jeffrey Bozanic. Jeff was collecting specimens for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and leading a group of recreational divers aboard the Oceanwide Expeditions-contracted M/V Professor Molchanov. “I am very proud of Evan,” stated his father, Jeff. “I could never have pushed him to do this. He accomplished it based on his own drive and efforts.”

Evan’s record setting dive took place near Detaille Island, next to an iceberg the size of a house. The water temperature was 30 degrees F (-1C), which was warmer than the air temperature at the site. He dove to a maximum depth of 14 metres (about 45 feet) for 16 minutes.

Evan shared his experiences during a presentation given to his sixth-grade classmates back home in the US. One of them asked how he felt after accomplishing his feat. Evan’s comment was, “I was so cold, I didn’t care what I had done. I just wanted to get warm again!”

Evan will share more of his trip with us in an article in an upcoming SDI, TDI, ERDI publication.

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