Project 11

PROJECT 11 – First round

When we on 11/11 exactly at 11:11 am opened the “PROJECT 11”, about two dozen curious diving enthusiasts met at the TDI/SDI/ERDI Eastern Europe offices clubroom. After decrypting the number 11 in the title of the project, we went through proposals to show our plans – to visit the 11 countries that fall under our TDI/SDI/ERDI Regional Office in the 11-month and 11-day time horizons.
By linking to the central idea, we wanted to help with the organization and participate in 11 different types of diving under the guidance of our partners in each country.

We managed to participate on 8 events already. We have 9th one in front of us.

1 – Hungary – overhead environment in a flooded military object – more

2 -Slovakia – apnea team diving

3 – Serbia – Rebreather’s Workshop – more

4 – Slovenia – high altitude diving

5 – Czech Republic – Diving in a cold water – more

6 – Montenegro – wreck diving – more

7 – Croatia – Wreck Diving week – more

8 – Bosna i Hercegovina – cave diving – more

9 – Macedonia – Cave diving more


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