TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver Elearning Course

The Advanced Nitrox course is the first step in taking scuba beyond the usual sport-diving applications. This course examines the use of EAN-21 through 100 percent oxygen for optimal mixes to a depth of 40 metres / 130 feet. The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for utilizing EAN-21 through 100 percent oxygen for dives not requiring staged decompression. TDI Decompression Procedures or the Intro to Tech may be combined with this course at the discretion of the instructor.

Course fee includes the online academic portion of this course only. Additional fees, classroom time with a TDI instructor and/or training dives may be required. Please contact your local TDI Dive Center for more information.

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Course Cost in USD$: 139.95