ERD 1 Diver Technician Elearning Course

Emergency response diving is a combination of all of the disciplines found in the diving industry and is unlike any other individual sector found in the community. From the commercial and military houses, emergency response divers are tasked with understanding commercial rigging and lifting techniques as well as surface supplied diving operations. From the scientific community, emergency response divers are tasked with mapping and evidentiary recovery, similar to underwater archeology. Finally, basic water skills and training adapted from sport diving is the foundation on which the emergency response diver builds. Emergency response diving is singular in one aspect: it is a community based operation whose teams train for, prepare and plan for local diving in their specific geographic areas, and assist other teams in their general locale. Emergency response divers are tasked with an excess of responsibilities and must have a strong knowledge of all of these disciplines.

Participants will receive instruction on role of public safety divers, dive team classifications and staffing, responding to a scene, knot tying and rigging and post dive record keeping. In addition, participants will receive instruction in the use of specialized equipment and alternative strategies.

This course is designed to assist the student, who may or may not have any prior knowledge or experience in conducting public safety diving, in understanding the core concepts and techniques needed to successfully perform the intended operation.

To successfully obtain the Operations level certification, students must demonstrate proficiency in all skills covered within this course. In addition, they must demonstrate appropriate safety behavior while in class, during practical exercises and around equipment being used in this course.

Course Cost in USD$: 119.95