ERD Tender Technician Elearning Course

Public Safety Diving is a rewarding and challenging profession. Each time there is a call for service or an incident to which a unit responds, the needs of the public are being served by individuals who have dedicated themselves to providing this highly specialized service.

When the average citizen conjures up the image of a public safety diver, often it is a romantic view of an individual dressed in full gear and regalia, descending beneath the turbid waters in search of a singular item or victim. The classic view shows this diligent individual as a strong, dedicated person. This may well be the case but far more goes into this singular individual being capable of performing his duties than strength of character. There is a vast network of resources and technicians that are necessary to prepare, stage and make it possible for this professional to sink beneath the waves; one such key role, which is often overlooked or not recognized for its value in the team’s infrastructure, is the dive tender.

Dive tenders are truly the most valuable element of the dive team as they are required to have the largest knowledge base and a thorough working knowledge of every aspect of the team’s design, capabilities and equipment selection and even dive management strategies. Tenders must be diligent, professional, dedicated and hard working or the team and dive operations may suffer.

When people envision the ideal of public safety divers, the tender should measure up to that romantic image; he enables the dive to occur and ensures the activities follow safe, established and proficient courses.

Dive teams are diverse entities, formed by unique individuals who possess a specific skill set. These individuals combine their talents in order to perform some of the most difficult dives in extremely challenging environments. However, each team is only as strong as its components. The tender is one of the single most vital components of a dive team and as such suffers the fate of having a vast amount of the weight and responsibility squarely on his shoulders. Tenders have to be diligent, professional and proficient in their skills and always aware of the environment, their surroundings and the diver at the end of the line.

Dive tenders perform several vital roles in the overall function of the team’s operations. When tenders fail to carry out their assigned duties, many of the steps necessary to conduct the dive professionally, proficiently and safely cannot be completed. As a result, the dive mission could be jeopardized and the evidence, victim or item may not be recovered.

Tenders must be diligent in their actions and tasks, as they are solely responsible for the most important of all duties, tending to the diver’s safety.

This course will discuss the duties and responsibilities of the dive tender, as well as some of the specialized techniques and procedures necessary to help the tender be more professional, proficient and competent in his duties within an emergency response diving team.

The ERDI Tender course can be taught at multiple levels in accordance with NFPA guidelines. The level of participation in the practical portion of the course will determine the final level of certification. The classification levels are: Awareness, Operations, and Technician. All ERDI programs are available to Public Safety professionals regardless of their position within a department.


The Awareness level program can be completed simply by doing the online academics for the ERDI course of interest. Upon completion of any of the online ERDI Academy courses, you will receive an awareness level certificate. For additional insight and understanding of the course, you can audit the practical session.


The Operations level course requires the participant to complete the online academics and also participate in the non-diving segments of the Operations level course taught by an ERDI Instructor. Depending on the program you are completing, this portion of the training shows how to properly perform and/or supervise non-diving emergency response duties.


The Technician level is the final step and requires the participant to complete the required number of practical training sessions under the supervision of an ERDI Instructor. Here you will apply what you have learned during your awareness and skill-development sessions, while learning practical lessons that can only be gained through real-world experience. Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Technician certification.

Course Cost in USD$: 119.95