ERDI Full Face Mask Diving Operations Elearning Course

This course is designed to introduce the public safety diver to the issues, concerns and strategies necessary to dive a full face mask in a public safety diving operations setting.  For the Emergency Response Diver, full face masks offer several distinct advantages over traditional second stage regulator assemblies, and in some cases, its use is required in environments such as contaminated water.

The use of a full face mask offers added safety, comfort, and the potential ability to communicate to topside support; coordinating their efforts, designating work tasks, assisting in safety measures, and planning and mitigating the potential loss of line signal communications.

This course is designed to assist the student, who may or may not have any prior knowledge or experience in conducting full face mask dives, in understanding the core concepts and techniques needed to successfully perform the intended operation.

To successfully obtain the Operations level certification, students must demonstrate proficiency in all skills covered within this course. In addition, they must demonstrate appropriate safety behavior while in class, during practical exercises and around equipment being used in this course.

It is the intent of this course to make divers, team leaders and supervisory staff aware of the potential hazards not readily visible in the dive environment and how to manage those complications in an effective and proficient manner.

Course Cost in USD$: 119.95