TDI Nitrox Diver Elearning Course

This is the entry-level certification course for recreational divers wishing to utilize enriched air nitrox (EAN) as a breathing gas. The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for using nitrox mixes from 22 through 40 percent oxygen content. The primary intent is to provide the participant with a solid foundation in the concept of nitrox and help prepare the diver for further technical diving activities. You will learn the basics behind planning dives using nitrox. In addition you will be introduced to all of the formulas tables used when diving nitrox.

Course fee includes the online academic portion of this course only. Additional fees, classroom time with a TDI instructor and/or training dives may be required. Please contact your local TDI Dive Center for more information.

eLearning available in English, Deutsch, Español, Português, and Slovenčina. Get Started »

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Course Cost in USD$: 139.95