SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Elearning Course

Start Learning to Dive Today SDI makes it possible for you to complete all of the academic requirements for your entry-level diver certification on line. You can get started right now and, when you are done, complete your in-water skill-development sessions and final open-water training dives at an SDI Dive Center close to home, or at a popular vacation destination.

Getting your entry-level diver certification is a three-step process:

  • The first step is to acquire all of the important academic information every certified diver must know. (This is the underwater equivalent of a student pilot going through “ground school.”) Traditionally, this required attending several hours of formal classroom training. Now, through on-line training, you can complete this phase through self-study, at your own pace, in the convenience of your home or office.
  • The next step is to complete your in-water skill-development training. This takes place in a swimming pool or similar body of confined water. Here you will learn the fundamental skills that every diver needs to know. (It’s also a lot of fun.)
  • The final step is complete four or more open-water training dives under the supervision of your SDI Instructor. Here you will apply what you have learned during your academic and skill-development sessions, while learning practical lessons that can only be gained through real-world experience in open water.

You have several options to complete the in-water phases of your training:

  • You can complete both the skill-development sessions and open-water training dives at your local SDI Dive Center.
  • You can complete the skill-development sessions at your local SDI Dive Center, and do your open-water training dives at the vacation destination of your choice.

Whatever option you choose, your local SDI Dive Center can help you with the arrangements. When you are done with all three phases of your training, your SDI Dive Center will order your permanent certification card.

Course Cost in USD$: 129.95