Rescue Boat in front of Key Bridge CollapsePhoto By: Defense Visual Information Distribution Service

Public Safety Divers Respond to Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Explore the critical role of highly trained public safety divers in the response to the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, MD.
Arial view after flood

How Public Safety Divers Assist During Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Trained to navigate treacherous conditions, public safety divers play a crucial role in responding to natural disasters and emergencies.

Introducing the 2024 ERDI Ambassadors

After much deliberation we would like to introduce you to our ERDI Ambassadors for 2024. Congratulations to everyone!
Public safety diver searching underwater

Navigating the Depths: Search Theory in Public Safety Diving

Explore the critical yet overlooked realm of search planning. Uncover key concepts in planning successful missions and enhance your knowledge.
Divers looking through Ice into the WaterY. ZIN

The 20:10:1 Rule – A Safer Approach to Surface Ice Rescue

Learn this essential ice rescue technique - A strategic approach to the victim, ensuring safety and preventing further accidents.
Reflection of Man in Water - dive team investigation

Unearthing Evidence: How a Public Safety Dive Team Transformed an Investigation

Homicide Detective Terry Kelley, a certified dive master, dives into the synergy between public safety dive teams and police investigators.
erdi ambassadors

2023 ERDI Ambassadors

We're stoked to introduce you to the 2023 ERDI Ambassador Team. These three are passionate about public safety diving.
tender helps psd diver with gear

PSD Tenders – The Unsung Heros

The tenders are the heart of a team. They are decision makers, scene managers, and life support. They should be invested in and celebrated.
Water Rescue Throw Bag

The Selection and Use of Water Rescue Throw Bags

The water rescue throw bag is one of the most versatile and highly effective tools for the first responder. Are your rescue throw bags in working order and is your team ready to use them?
My Way is Better Than Yours

My Way is Better Than Your Way

We’ve all seen it, whether in the public safety diving world or not: Folks getting stuck in their ways and insisting that their way is the best way. The problem with this mentality is that it doesn’t allow for new skills or ideas to be introduced to whole teams. Learn more about how to fix this mindset in this article.
A deep dive into public safety training - long term planning

A Deep Dive Into Public Safety Dive Training – Long Term Planning

Join Dr. Thomas Powell and Alan Cale as they chat about all things public safety diving. They're doing a deep dive into public safety diving long-term planning. While things might be slow in the current COVID19 times, there are still things we can do while the world is on pause.
Hypothermia - A Womans Response

Hypothermia: A Woman’s Response

Do you know the differences in the male and female bodies which make them respond to cold differently? This can be important to consider when potentially talking about or even performing an ice rescue. We’re exploring more about the things that cause females and males to react differently when hypothermia is in question.