Public Safety Dive Teams: Law Enforcement vs. Fire-Rescue

Do you know the difference between police dive teams and fire rescue dive teams? While there might be some stigma that they like to poke fun at each other about who’s better. The truth is they’re more similar than one might realize. They even work together more than we realize too.

Conversations with your Dive Doc

When filling out a medical form you may come across things that need a little bit more attention. We want you to know that it’s okay to have to talk to a dive doctor about your medical history. We’re not trying to prevent you from diving, we’re trying to prevent you from also becoming a victim. It’s as simple as that.

After the Dive: The Decontamination Process

If you dive in contaminated water, and most public safety divers will, then you must be aware of the procedures to be followed for decontamination, i.e., the cleaning of the diver and his gear following a dive.

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Proper Procedures for Interviewing Witnesses at Dive Environments

There’s no doubt that witnesses are important to any dive rescue mission, but are you interviewing them effectively? Learn more from Michael Glenn on how to effectively conduct witness interviews.

Why I’m Passionate About Public Safety Diving

It's no secret that public safety diving isn't for everyone, but do know all that goes into being a public safety diver? The level of danger, time commitment, and dedication to their communities are often overlooked. Learn more about why one ERDI Headquarters member is passionate about public safety diving.

What is a Real Public Safety Dive Team Made of?

Think about this, what would happen if dive teams worked together? If two neighboring counties could rely on each other for equipment, support and even training? Public safety would almost become an easier job, wouldn’t it?

What Happens When You Don’t Find What You’re Looking For?

You went out and did the job you’re trained for but you came back short. Now what? Now the real work begins, learn more about how your team can use these experiences to train for your next call.

Body Recovery: Bringing Someone's Loved One Home

It’s not a thought any of us ever want to think but the reality is, it happens every day. Public safety divers have a job unlike any other, they are called into situations of panic and most often tragedy with the expectation that they will bring our loved one’s home. What we don’t think about is how these situations affect the divers.

ROVs in the Public Safety World

Does your team us ROVs? Do you want to? Learn more about how ROVs are used in the Public Safety world so you can go into the conversation about ROVs with the knowledge and confidence to convince your team members it's a good move.

Know Your Hazardous Materials and How to Handle Them

Do you know why we as public safety divers must always be encapsulated during recoveries? No matter the recovery type divers need to protect themselves first. Benjamin Brackett breaks down why this is important and explains the NEPA standards behind contaminated water procedures.

Are you Mentally Prepared to Face the Courtroom?

Are you new to public safety diving? Have you recently been called to testify in court? Don’t stress it, you’re the good guy! Follow these tips for a smooth courtroom experience.