swift water

Swift Water Rescue Training for Public Safety Divers

What one team thought would be a typical day on the water training turns out to be a lesson to all on general water safety. Swift water training is a critical skill for public safety dive teams, you never know when you'll need it but you'll always be happy you have it.

Funding Your Public Safety Dive Team - Part 2

We get it, you want to have the best public safety dive team. We also get it's hard to figure out how to fund this. Training isn't cheap and funding is hard to come by these days. What if we told you your team could potentially PROFIT from training? Yes, you read that right.

Surf Rescue: What We Learned From This Dive

We're taking public safety diving to the beach with one diver's story of a rip current surf rescue. We all know rip currents are no joke but what was the true lesson the rescuer learned from this situation?

Soldier, Firefighter, and Public Safety Diver: A Personal Journey

What do being a soldier, firefighter and public safety diver have in common? The easy answer is service. Learn more about one man's journey through all three and how it's impacted his life and career.

What I Learned From That

If we're not constantly learning we remain stagnant and remaining stagnant means we don't evolve. In the ever changing Public Safety field we should always be learning and staying up to date with current proccedures. We're sharing stories of Public Safety teams out on the job and what they're learning from the situations they're called into.

When You May Need Stress Crisis Counseling

As public safety divers we see a lot of erie things... and we're faced with many situations no would willingly put themselves into just for fun. How do we know when we've seen too much? Post Tramatic Stress doesn't always come just from being put in a dangerous situation. It can come from seeing things that cannot be easily or ever be unseen. How do you know it's time to get help?

How to Simulate Blacked Out Water Training

Looking to brush up on black water training? Do you know the best way to go about this? It may seem obvious but there are many factors you should taken into account before diving into this type of training.

Go Ahead Throw Your Weapon Over a Bridge, We'll Find It

Do you know the Do's and Don'ts of recovering evidence thrown over a bridge? Just because it's lost in the water somewhere, doesn't mean it can't be found and used in an investigation.

It’s a Crime Scene - Until You Rule it Out

What makes a crime scene a crime scene? The answer is simpler than you think... Truthfully any call is considered a crime scene until a proper investigation has been preformed.

Surface vs Subsurface Crime Scene Investigation

The way public safety officers investigate a crime scene on the surface vs underwater seems like it might be different. Truth is, they're exactly the same! The only thing that truly makes them different is the fact that one is underwater and one is on dry land.

Public Safety Diver Response to an Underwater Cave Drowning

Do you know what it takes to become a International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery (IUCRR) diver? It's not a certification ERDI offers and requires very intensive training. We have Wendell Nope Sargent of the Utah Department of Public Safety Dive Team breaking down what it takes to become an IUCRR diver.