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You’ll Be Surprised What Firefighters Can Do with the Right Training and Dive Gear

What is the difference between firefighters and public safety divers? Easy, one fights fires and one dives into the water to rescue victims or recover evidence. Now let's think about their gear and training... Both parties require an air supply and both parties would never allow an individual off the street to jump in to bring someone to safety.

Victim Care for Ice Rescue Operations

Professional surface ice rescue technicians must have an understanding of victim physiology when attempting to rescue an individual that is immersed in freezing water.

How Diving Helped Me Even After The System Didn’t

The first time I got to just enjoy a dive and not have to do any practical exercises, I was with Air Hogs Scuba helping them train the Durham County Sheriff’s Office search and recovery team.

Health and Fitness Pt. 7

Diving in and of itself is an inherently dangerous sport. However, for Public Safety Divers that danger is multiplied exponentially due to the environment in which we dive in, the specialized equipment we use, and the stress of the actual reason we are diving to begin with.

Rivers VS Ocean Currents

What influences currents? Where do they come from? How do they affect our planning and execution? What hazards am I looking at and for? These are some of the questions I ask myself when I am trying to understand what we face in various places with different bodies of water.

PTSD and Public Safety Part 1

First responders – EMS, firefighters, police, and search-and-rescue teams (including divers) – are the public safety professionals who come running when there’s an emergency. Who helps them when they're struggling?

80% of All Ice Rescues Begin with a Dog

Ice rescue doesn’t always mean a person has fallen through the ice – most of the time we see golden retrievers and black labs involved; these dogs love the water no matter what the season. Most dogs love chasing things; besides sleeping or eating, it’s their favorite pastime.

The Role of the Public Safety Divers in the Legal System

All dive teams must follow regional laws when performing dive operations, and in many cases, must seek the advice and support of associated law enforcement or justice system personnel.

The Contrast Between Surface Ice & Ice Diving Operations

In many parts of the country, fall weather has arrived and winter is right around the corner. Rescue professionals must gear up for both ice rescue and ice recovery operations.

Cylinder Elearning Training - $39.95 as required by OSHA

Cylinder Awareness training has long been out of reach for many people due to the difficulty finding a course in your local area. In addition, it may at times seem very cost prohibitive. That is now changing with the new eLearning Cylinder Awareness training course brought to you by SDI.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Q&A

With the great response of the video just released, Miami Dade, A Closer Look, we figured we would do a follow-up question and answer session because like any good movie, the books are normally even better. There were only so many details we could include in the movie and now it's time for the rest of the story.

Health and Fitness Part 6

Fitness – it’s a word that we all know too well.  Everyone wants to be in shape, whether your excuse is to become what society calls “fit,” you simply want it for yourself, or if it is a benefit to your professional occupation.