ERDI Challenge Coin: inaugural recipients are recognized for contributions to Public Safety Diving



ERDI™ (Emergency Response Diving International) announced earlier today the list of people who are the first to be awarded the ERDI Challenge Coin. This coin is earned by individuals whose work to promote Public Safety Diving within their communities has helped to improve PSD awareness, develop universal safe practices and attract both private and public sector funding for badged PS divers and support staff world-wide.

“This group of individuals have had a positive impact on Public Safety diving and more specifically have earned the appreciation and recognition of their peers in this important and growing segment of the service dive industry,” commented Brian Carney, president of ERDI.

 Describing the ERDI Challenge Coin as a “small sign of our most sincere appreciation and a way to say thank you for all the effort made in the promotion and teaching of ERDI Public Safety Diving courses over the years,” Carney went on to explain that the first recipient of the honor are now charged with a new responsibility.

“We are asking this group of very special individuals to continue their work and additionally to help us identify the next wave of PSD educators and other team members who deserve the special recognition that is associated with the Challenge Coin.”

Carney said that during the past few years, several events at home and abroad have highlighted the need for comprehensive and standardized training for public safety dive teams. “Natural disasters, massive oil spills, and the destruction of homes by floods have shown us how important this service can be in any sized community. And how important it is to continue to develop and support individuals with the right training, equipment and infrastructure to offer help in the toughest of conditions and harshest circumstances.

The list of recipients of the inaugural ERDI Challenge Coin includes:

First Name

Last Name

Paul  Montgomery
Ed  Christini
Shawn  Harrison
Jeff  Smith
Buddy  Brown
Joey  Brown
Britt  Clark
Jonathan  Huber
Michael  Glenn
Dart  Craytor
Phillip  Graf
Jacques  Brassard
Robert  Outlaw
Ronnie  Outlaw
Dale  Autry
Matthew  Gruca
Henry  Woronka
Charles  Herman
Joe  Mokry
Wendell  Nope
Ronald  Kurth
Michael  Bourne
Buck  Buchanan
Ronald  Dorneker
Bill  Hardman
Spencer  Slate
Sam  Rich
Rodney  Pedersen
Mike  Pedersen
Dan  Howard
 J. Mathieu  Burden
Bret  Gilliam
Mitch  Skaggs
Ed  Young
Phil  Venture
James  Wilk
Jason  Martin
Keith  Cormican
Bill  Nichols
Glen  Faith
Ray  Mazzola
Grady  Weston
Justin  Weston
Ron  Westmoreland
Dan  Vaccaro
Brian  Vaccaro


If you are a member of a Public Safety Dive Team, are a member of ERDI or are interested in finding out more about the ERDI Challenge Coin or how to nominate an individual to receive one, please contact ERDI Headquarters.

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