Big Waves Roll in for Public Safety Diving at FDIC

FDICERDI once again made huge waves at the Fire Department Instructor Conference (FDIC) show in Indianapolis, from April 16th through the 21st. FDIC saw a record breaking year with nearly 30,000 attendees, filling the exhibit halls, classrooms and training sites over the course of the show. ERDI’s Representative of the Board, Nestor Palmero states, “This has been a record year as far as attendance. The ERDI booth had an amazing amount of traffic and a lot of interest in our public safety diving training.”

FDIC saw both exhibitors and consumers from all over the globe, and public safety diving was, again, a hot topic.

Standardized training seemed to be one of the focal points for several team leaders looking for training involving their dive teams. Palmero added, “I was impressed with the interest team leaders had in finding a diving agency that could provide a thorough program for their teams.” Palmero also stated, “Many realize that it helps when various different teams that are on the scene together are not only using the same equipment, but are also speaking the same language as far as training goes.”

FDIC LogoHowever, many teams also saw the benefit in ERDI being an affordable solution to top quality training, with sensible membership fees and dues. “People are not too happy having to pay renewal fees at the diver level in order to keep their PSD rating current. Budgets for departments are tight as it is, and we heard this as being a great concern for the teams that were currently training under other programs.”

If you are looking to increase the education and safety of your dive team, you should consider what ERDI has to offer your organization.

ERDI is currently a leader in public safety dive training, with numerous courses and special ops offered to their membership. This includes a growing number of dive courses that are available online, such as ERDI Diver I, ERDI Contaminated Water and ERDI Tender. All ERDI programs are OSHA and NFPA compliant.

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