FDIC 2016 Follow Up

by Sean Harrison:

Ever had the chance to attend FDIC?

Are you a gadget or big toy person? And when I say big… I mean really big! Or have you ever looked at a situation: like a heavily wooded area, a mountain, or a body of water and thought, ”I wonder if there is a piece of equipment that could access that?” Well the answer is YES, and they are all at the FDIC show! If you are in the public safety community and you have never had the chance to attend FDIC, you should make the effort. When you walk through the entrance it is a sensory overload. The floor plan would easily take two days to walk and that’s without stopping and asking questions or checking out new gear, and who could do that?

Great people with some great questions

ERDI exhibited at FDIC again this year and not only did we meet some great people, we were asked some great questions. We had people from every level in our booth, from those just starting to put together a dive team to the captains of well established teams. Even better than the questions were that ERDI was able to provide a solution to all the questions from,  ”Where do we get started?” to” How do I keep the team active and ready to respond?”.

VideoRay Pro 4 ROV with the KSI Mission Caster

ERDI also displayed several new products at the show which were a hit. One of our newest manuals, ERDI Full Face Mask, was on display and we had lots of people come by to check it out. We also had, for the first time, two products that ERDI only recently released training programs for: the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV in connection with the KSI Mission Caster. These two drew a lot of attention. The VideoRay Pro 4 packs a lot of punch for such a compact package and can be outfitted as a standard ROV with camera to conduct surveys and run searches, or with sophisticated sonar and manipulator arm. Connect this ROV to the KSI Mission Caster and you can broadcast your activity through secure connection anywhere in the world with only milliseconds delay.


We also held our cylinder Visual Inspection Program just before the show and had the materials on display. The new Visual Inspection Program covers all cylinders (SCUBA, SCBA, Fiber wrap, etc.) as well as valves, compressors, and fill stations. It is the only fully insured cylinder inspection program and ERDI has the only factory endorsed Eddy Current Thread Inspection course on the market. This program is the perfect fit for the public safety community: it covers all the cylinders you use, is fully insured, OSHA compliant, and NFPA compliant, with all levels of certification available.

See ya next year!

The show was a success for ERDI and we look forward to next year when ERDI will debut more new and innovative training solutions. We are also already planning some other great additions, which we can’t talk about right now, so stay tuned and make sure to save the date for FDIC so you will be among the first to see what ERDI is doing next!

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