On Location – MDFR Fire Boat 21


Hey, guys, it’s Aaron from International Training. We’re on location today in Miami Beach, Florida, at Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Station 21. Today we have the special opportunity to ride along with one of their fireboat crews, which is unique because it’s the first day of lobster miniseason here in South Florida. So come along as we take a look at a typical day on fireboat 21.

My name is Lieutenant Andrea Hahn. I’m a fireboat lieutenant on Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Fire Boat 21. Every day there are assigned duties.

  • Mondays might be our fuel hold cleaning or maintenance
  • Tuesdays our engine compartment
  • Wednesdays our v-berth
  • Thursday deck duties
  • Fridays we scrape the bottom

And then to set up for the day, we bring our gear on board and we prepare to respond to calls.

My name is Chris Simpson. I’m the driver for the 36-foot fireboat out of Station 21 for Miami-Dade. We not only have every capability that a fire truck does with fire suppression, but we also deal with the medical side, as if an ambulance or a rescue would show up. We’re all licensed paramedics, divers, firefighters, marine firefighters, and have a lot of different training that we go through to get to this position.

Welcome ERDI, my name is Walter Javier. I’m the lieutenant and the training coordinator for the Dive Rescue Bureau and I’m fortunate enough to be here with these guys on the fireboat today, monitoring the territory here making, sure the waters are safe and just patrolling the area.

We are fully functioning, 24/7, all of Dade County waters, rivers, Intracoastal Waterway, the ocean. We’re able to respond to any of those places. We constantly have an experience that’s just different every day and it’s a really enjoyable program that we get to work with.

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