Public Safety Diving Presentations at BTS are of Great Interest to Many

ERDI presenting at Beneath the Sea Show

You may not be a Public Safety Diver yet but if this is an area of diving that intrigues you or is in your future, please mark your calendar now and make plans to attend.

Friday March 23rd at Beneath the Sea Show at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, Paul Montgomery will present Testifying in Court.

As part of the workshop Public Safety Divers Conference at the 2012 Beneath the Sea Show March 23-25, Testifying in Court is sure to be very well attended.

“Every ERD diver has the potential of having to testify during a court proceeding,” said Montgomery, who emphasized being prepared is the key to what can be a stressful experience for a public safety diver.

To register for the workshop, visit

To learn more about ERDI™ and Public safety diving please visit

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