RAPID DIVER™ Grows in Popularity with ERDI™ PSD TEAMS

When response time is of the essence, so is RAPID DIVER™& ERDI™ Training

Rapid DiverRAPID DIVER™ is a lightweight, all-inclusive scuba system that mates a tank, regulator and buoyancy module to a uniform-fit, load-bearing harness. It was created in response to public safety and military needs for a universal fit, compact, versatile and easily deployed scuba system.

The RAPID DIVER™ has seen increased popularity with fire departments for use in submerged vehicle accidents and with police departments for tactical response as well as submerged vehicle accidents.  Statistics provided by the CDC show that 10,000 vehicles go into water each year in the US, with 300 fatalities. The leading state for fatalities is Florida followed by California, Louisiana, Idaho, and Indiana.  Most drownings occur 3 feet or less from the surface.   Many dive teams around the country are opting to have the RAPID DIVER™ as an immediate response capability to facilitate quicker response times and greater success in water rescues.

Rapid DiversDivers who deploy out of helicopters appreciate the front mount tank configuration, and the RAPID DIVER™ has become the standard for Off Shore Race Boat rescue divers.   The RAPID DIVER™ is ideal for quick shallow water searches.  When combined with a larger air source, the RAPID DIVER™ becomes a fully operational kit for the Public Safety Diver.  The one size fits all foundation of the RAPID DIVER™ is ideal for larger teams and eliminates the equipment sizing that all dive teams face.

Mission requirements called for a system that had a universal fit, could be stored in a small space, donned and activated quickly, and worn in situations such as helicopter and boat operations in which conventional scuba gear would prove too cumbersome and restrictive. Comfort was also of great importance, as some operations would require the user to wear the gear for extended periods of time while engaged in complex, task-loaded missions.  With an overall weight of just 25 pounds, the RAPID DIVER™ stores in a compact hand-carried pouch and readies for use in less than a minute.

Rapid DiverAlso unique to the RAPID DIVER™ system is the ability to configure the rig for a wide variety of mission profiles. In its simplest form, the Rapid Diver can be configured to become a PFD by removing the tank and life support system, beneficial in most boat operations.  For extended dive profiles, the RAPID DIVER™  can be configured with  standard sized tanks (80 cu ft) mounted on the innovative back pad with the 13-30 cu ft front mount tank becoming the redundant air supply, a standard configuration with today’s Public Safety Diver.  If mission requirements call for an even longer diving profile, the RAPID DIVER™   can be used in conjunction with surface supplied air or in a traditional side mount configuration.  Other custom-configurable gas management options allow the user to configure the rig with a redundant air supply and to use full-face scuba masks in conjunction with a gas switching block.

More information about the system can be found at www.RapidDiver.com.

To learn more about the specialized training, please contact ERDI™ at 207.729.4201 for the Americas and areas served by the USA office. International readers can ID their local area office by visiting https://www.tdisdi.com.


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