ERDI online Training Meets Teams and Current Budgetary Needs!

As tax rolls shrink and Departmental Finances come under greater scrutiny and downward pressure … online training hits its stride.

Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) public safety training was well received since its inception, but now more than ever the online training programs have become in vogue.

ERDI training has been structured with the needs of Department Teams in mind; as such training has been always structured to fulfill the requirements needed to meet Awareness, Operations and Technician requirements.

NOW ERDI onLine programs help Teams and Departments meet all academic requirements (Awareness) as a first step for three levels of training required in Public Safety Diving (Awareness, Operations and Technician).

The Contaminated Water Ops (CWO) program has an online awareness portion that you can literally start on today While it was unfortunate, CWO received unprecedented national exposure and notoriety because of the Oil Spill in the Gulf Region. ERDI was called upon not only to work with local teams involved in the situation but also to prepare the media to safely do their jobs reporting.
Current events have made us all painfully aware that the growing need for CWO trained Teams is on the rise. Contaminants continue to bleed into our waters whether through natural or manmade disasters.

If you or any of your Team Members are not yet CWO Certified get started now with the Awareness Training online, to learn more visit

Also learn more about other online programs such as Tender.

ALL programs are a MUST in today’s environment for each and every TEAM.




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