ERDI PSD Tender Skills Are Always in Fashion!

The use of UW Communications has placed new importance on Tender skills.

Recently while our own ERDI Regional Manager Shawn Harrison visited Lake County Diver Supply, an ERDI facility focused on Public Safety Diving and Equipment located in Hobart, Indiana, he visited with Trainer and Staff members Hank Woronka & Ron Kurth. Before long, the discussion turned to training. Specifically, the discussion became more focused on how the advancement of U/W Communications has affected Team protocol, in many cases relaxing traditional training.

Hank was quick to remind everyone that in the PSD business end of a dive, you can never be too careful. Kurth said, “during the Public Safety Challenge, all team members participating are using communication, but at one of the stations the team has to do a search for a small object (i.e. knife, handgun, etc.), then the judge at anytime will disconnect their communications forcing them to revert back to using line pulls.” Wonka added that this drill is performed because you never know when you might have a communication breakdown, whether wireless or hardwire. This forces you to continue the search for an object or person being able to communicate with the tender without the use of audio/electronic communications.

Lake County Diver Supply as well as others put a lot of emphasis on repetitive training and redundant systems. It is no surprise more and more Teams continue to gravitate to ERDI onLine training to train, as well as hone their Teams proficiency and skills in many fields. The ERD Tender online course has become a favorite of many Trainers as a prerequisite to many PSD courses and/or Team participation. Check out the onLine course:

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Below is a partial excerpt from a Training hand out compliments of Lake County Diver Supply.

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