Miami-Dade, A Closer Look

by: Sean Harrison & Aaron Lazar

It all started months ago when our marketing department came up with the idea of writing an article based on a ride along with one of our ERDI teams. Since we are here in Florida, our first call went to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue to see if this was possible and if they would be willing. Their instant response, yes! Well, like any article we write, this one would require supporting pictures and if we’re going to take pictures, why not take video? What you are about to watch are the results of that ride along. ERDI wants to thank Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and all the people that helped make this idea come true.

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  1. Philip DePalo
    Philip DePalo says:

    Great video. I completely disagree with a part of it. During their training they discussed their main air was shutoff and they would transition to their bailout. That’s great they are using bailouts. Then they said, “Then the diver finishes cutting the victim out…”. WRONG!!! You’ve just experienced a failure of your primary air source and are now using your back up. That is when you exit immediately and make a move to the surface. Comms, which weren’t being used, could indicate this problem and the safety diver could splash and continue the patient extrication.

    When you experience an out of air emergency, you don’t continue to do what you were doing. This is advice that will lead to death. You can get tangled up removing the body, lose track of your now limited time, etc.

    Aside from this very big mistake in training, great video.


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