Swift Water Training is a Must for All PSD Team Members

Don’t let today’s calm waters fool you, think back and you will remember a time!

Attending functions such as FDIC and supporting Teams around the globe makes the staff at ERDI cognizant of the needs of Teams in the field when it comes to their training. Listening to our members is second nature to our staff and is a tradition that runs deep.

Since Technical Diving International (TDI), the technical division of International Training, was formed there has been a company philosophy that if people are performing a type of diving, they should be properly trained to do it. Sticking with that philosophy, Emergency Response Diving International (ERD) Swift Water Level 1 course has been officially released.

ERDI worked very closely with several of its experienced infield instructors: Bo Tibbetts of Public Safety Dive Training, Mark Phillips of PSDiver Monthly, Keith Cormican of Wazee Sports and Dart Craytor to develop a level one swift water course that is both practical and realistic of what is expected when called out to perform a swift water rescue.

“The ERD Swift Water Level 1 is just a component of what will turn into a total top water program with multiple levels,” stated Sean Harrison, Vice President of Training and Membership Services. He further stated, “The other components of the top water curriculum will cover training for: flood plans non-moving water, swift water with rescuers in-water and night swift water operations.”

With all the recent floods around the world there is a serious need for this training and for the training to be standardized. ERDI is here to provide that standardized training.

Now is the time at your next Team meeting to open a discussion about Swift Water Training and evaluate to what extent you need to plan. Train and be prepared.

The ERDI Team is just a call away to help you build the custom curriculum that is just right for your Team needs. To learn more about ERDI, Swift Water Training and all of the programs ERDI has available visit /index.php?did=5&site=4 or call us at 1.888.778.9073.

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