Diver Services

Welcome to International Training ERDI Diver Services. This section of our website is for anyone who has ever been certified as a ERDI diver.

Some of the features available in this section include the following:

  • Diver News: Once a month, divers can receive an email updating them on items like what is occurring at ERDI, to information about recent events within the public safety dive community, to training tips or equipment reviews. This section is where those news items will be if you miss one or just want to take a look at an old one. Click here to take a look.
  • Diver Profiles: Feel like managing all your certification in one place, this is it. Simply click on this link to set up a user account and you are on your way. You will also be able to add certifications you took years ago, manage your address and contact details and very shortly be able to log your dives in this section.
  • Confirm a ERDI Certification: Forgot your c-card and standing at the Dive Center ready to get on the boat, simply click here to verify you are qualified.
  • Order a Replacement Card: Lost your certification card or simply want to change to change your photo of last name, click here to get that done.
  • Find a Public Safety Dive Center: Are you looking to improve your skills in a different type of environment, or simply need to track down a Public Safety Dive Professional, well click here to find a local ERDI Dive Professional.

Although there are only a few items here for divers at this time, keep checking back for regular updates and additions. This is the section we plan to build the most upon going forward.