ERD Drysuit OPS

The ERD Drysuit OPS course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary for drysuit diving operations in emergency response diving. In addition to the fundamental skills of drysuit diving, other important topics include encapsulation, contaminated environments, protecting potable water supplies and decontamination procedures. Drysuit OPS training is also part of the ERD II curriculum.

ERD Full Face Mask OPS

The ERD Full Face Mask course provides the skills and knowledge for the ERD diver to utilize full face masks for emergency response diving. While basic full face mask topics and skills are presented, other topics and skills include encapsulation, communications with a full face mask, selecting proper masks for emergency response diving and decontamination procedures. Full Face Mask OPS training is also part of the ERD II curriculum.

ERD Ice Diving OPS

Conducting emergency response operations in an overhead environment, such as ice diving, presents hazards and challenges to the ERD team not found in normal situations. Important topics and skills that are presented during this course include physiological aspects of cold-water diving, appropriate equipment for ice diving, surface support procedures as well as scene preparation and lost diver drills.

ERD Ice/Surface Rescue OPS

This non-diving ERD course will train and prepare rescue teams to properly respond and execute operations to retrieve victims who have broken through thin ice conditions. Subjects that are discussed in the classroom include ice characteristics and formation, types of victims both human and animal, team operations, equipment and rescue techniques. During the practical training portion, students will perform a variety of roles and master skills such as proper donning of protective gear, victim extrication and self rescue to name a few.

ERD U/W Explosives Recovery OPS

Admittedly, this course is not for everyone. This course is designed and intended for dive team members who are already certified bomb technicians and associated with an existing bomb team to further their understanding, skills and limitations of handling explosive devices in the underwater realm.

ERD Tender

The ERD Tender course trains team personnel to properly line tend and participate within the public safety dive team in a non-diving roll. ERD Tender is also part of the ERD I course curriculum so that an entire team can participate and train to their individual needs. Crime scene recognition, search patterns and decontamination procedures are some of the topics covered. In addition, ERD Tender students learn and master tending skills in both confined water and open water settings.

ERD U/W Threat Assessment OPS

In a world that has changed dramatically in recent years, so has our training for emergency response diving. The ERD U/W Threat Assessment OPS course is a course that is designed to provide the training, knowledge and skill development to recognize and identify a hazardous device in the underwater environment. Once identified, students learn the proper methods of marking and securing the area, who to notify for possible removal as well as the effects of explosions that occur underwater.