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This first level Emergency Response Diving Course is designed to give the certified open water diver, or open water certified public safety diver, the fundamental skills needed to safely function as part of an OSHA and NFPA compliant public safety dive team in both the diver and tender roles.

Who this course is for:

  • A certified open water diver who is currently a public safety professional
  • A certified open water diver who would like to operate and support persons within a dive team organization

Course Prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18
  • SDI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent
  • Current CPR, first aid and oxygen administration certification

What you can expect to learn:

  • Equipment preparation and selection, problem solving, tender skills, responding to a call, search patterns, scene evaluation, environmental risks, evidence handling
  • Dive skills including line signals, diver communications, executing multiple search patterns, victim recovery, emergency procedures, and decontamination procedures
  • How to continue and transition your ERD I training into ERD Ops Components courses

What’s in it for you and your team?

  • Structured training that solidifies diver and tender abilities in the participation of planning and executing dive team operations

Emergency Response Diver I level minimum requirements:

  • Diver evaluations
      • Demonstrate mastery of scuba skills, line signals, diver touch communications, and search patterns
      • 800 metre mask, snorkel and fins swim, 500 metre distance swim no aids, 100 metre buddy tow in scuba equipment
  • Tender swimming evaluations
    • 200 metre swim without aids, 100 metre buddy tow in personal flotation device (PFD), 10-minute survival float
    • Demonstrate effective line communications with divers, proper tending techniques

How to take this course!

pdf Course Standards & Procedures

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