The Helitrox Instructor course provides the training required to competently teach the methods and procedures for planned stage decompression diving utilizing Helium in the breathing mixture.

The objective of this course is to train instructors how to teach standard staged decompression diving not exceeding a maximum depth of 45 metres / 150 feet. Enriched air nitrox (EAN) and Helium mixes with no greater than 20% He content, and up to 100% oxygen for decompression diving are permitted.


  1. Minimum age 2l
  2. Minimum certification as a TDI Trimix Diver or Helitrox diver and a TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Instructor, or equivalent
  3. Proof of 10 certified advanced nitrox or decompression procedures divers; minimum of 5 must be decompression procedures divers
  4. Provide proof of 250 logged dives with a minimum of 20 logged Helitrox or Trimix decompression dives outside of training, 10 of these dives must be in the last 12 months

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