How SDI’s Marketing Department Can Help You

Our Marketing Team is here to help you! You read that right, we create content and resources with you in mind. We’re outlining seven resources you can use to help build your business.

Is Buoyancy Control a Specialty?

Okay, we’re going there. This debate circulates time and time again. When and how should you teach buoyancy control? There is a short answer to this and a long answer. This is the long answer.

Five reasons you shouldn’t overlook the smallest ABC island

We get it. Bonaire and Curaçao are known diving hot spots. But have you considered a dive trip or family vacation to Aruba? Due to its diversity in both diving and other activities, it might not be too hard to convince the family to join you on this trip.

Lost In Lau

Are you looking for your next dive trip? An untouched tropical oasis is waiting for you in the South Pacific. Lau is a chain of 60 islands south of Fiji. It is filled with bright coral reefs and vibrant sea life. Now is the perfect time to start planning. What are you waiting for? Lau is calling.

“I just received a kit that I didn’t order”

From time to time our Training and Membership Services team gets a call from a confused dealer. They have just gotten a package they didn’t order and want to make sure they aren’t being charged for it at full retail price to boot! We’re clearing up why this happens and hopefully calming your nerves while we’re at it.

Additional Ratings with OWSDI Ratings

Here we go again making things easier for even our newest members. Open Water Instructor ratings will now automatically be issued THREE ratings when they register or crossover to SDI. Learn more about how this works and the old process now.

SDI Pro Open Water Kit

Changes to the SDI Pro Open Water Instructor Kit

Change is good. With that said we are announcing changes to our SDI Pro Open Water Instructor Kit. As apart of our effort to push our green initiative in 2019 we are working to reduce the number or paper products that leave HQ. Find out more about how that effects this kit specifically.

Would you lick a dead guy?

Does your team fully encapsulate on every dive? Do you know why this is important? Most importantly do you know the risks you’re taking when you DO NOT encapsulate? Jay White is breaking it all down on why you should encapsulate on every dive.

Ten Best Scuba Dive Sites Malta and Gozo

Is Malta in your travel plans for this year? If so, here are ten scuba diving sites you can explore during your trip! All ten sites listed are pooled from our Regional Office in Malta so you can trust that they’ve been vetted and are worth seeing.