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Attention All Instructor Trainers and Instructor Certifiers

If you want to create great instructors to grow your community and to grow our sport, your agency should support this mission. It isn’t fair to have the goal posts moved and your ability to schedule, price, and teach programs the way you have in the past changed without warning. We know change is hard, but the changes you are experiencing are not reasonable. Instead of enduring changes you don’t deserve, make the choice that’s good for your candidates, good for your business, and good for your community. Make a change to have your training agency work for you, not the other way around.

Why SDI?

International Training is a family of agencies built upon a foundation of unparalleled customer service, tailored training programs, and instructor discretion. We are a company made up of active divers and professionals, prioritizing real-world diving practices to drive our products and services, and putting full trust in our professionals in the field.  Our standards system allows maximum defensibility so we can stand confidently behind our professionals, and promotes flexibility to allow every course to be tailored to its environment and participants.  We allow our professionals at every level to operate by the method of their choosing – independently, through a facility, or both.  No forced business practices, no demands for how or when you conduct and promote your programs, no approval needed for conducting your own courses, no roadblocks for growing your business.  Just personalized service and support designed around your success.

Cross Over at the Instructor Trainer or Instructor Certifier Level

This crossover course familiarizes and trains candidates that hold an equivalent rating from other recognized agencies in the training philosophy and methods used by International Training, certifying them as SDI Course Directors or Instructor Trainers.

Here is what your journey to crossing over your IT or IC ratings to SDI looks like.  Remember, this isn’t a program to teach you how to teach open water instructors; you already know how to do that.  This is a program designed for you, a dive professional with the highest ratings in the industry. We want to familiarize you with the SDI evaluation system, standards, materials, services, and philosophy, and guide your evaluations of instructors within that system. That is the primary focus of this 2 ½ day program.  You will be among your professional peers taking on this next step in your professional career.

What About Instructors?

If you aren’t training instructors yet, but still want all the benefits of working with SDI, the process to cross over is even easier!  Divemasters, Assistant Instructors, and Instructors can cross over administratively.  This means that with an elearning course, some paperwork organization, and a brief webinar session, you can cross over all your ratings to SDI and take the next step in your journey to the highest levels of scuba instruction.  From there, we can map out your path to attending an Instructor Trainer Workshop, which will train you to become a Course Director and Instructor Trainer and emerge as a role model in the industry.

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Contact us to discuss the program details and find the next crossover course near you. We have current promotions designed for crossing over ITs/ICs, individual professionals, and complete dive centers. Act now to take advantage of the best option for your business!

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