A Passing of the Torch

In this year of Olympic summer games, we’re been preparing for the passing of our own torch of sorts. One of our longest-serving and valued regional office managers will be retiring and passing the torch on. Instructor Trainer Michal Piskula, who manages the Eastern Europe region, will be retiring this month, with Robert and Jana Gondova Korim assuming the regional office duties. Michal was instrumental in growing SDI TDI ERDI in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary over the last 17 years. He introduced ERDI to the region, however one of his greatest contributions and successes was assisting in SDI TDI becoming ISO certified. This certification supported SDI TDI ERDI growth into many other places around the globe. All of this is really amazing when one considers that recreational diving did not exist until after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and slowly gained presence in the 1990’s.

Assisting Michal in the late 1990’s and beyond was Robert Korim, who along with his wife Jana will continue the work that Michal started. Robert, who is also an instructor trainer, is honored that the traditions Michal established will continue and looks forward to managing the region. Jana, whose administrative experience with SDI TDI ERDI in Slovakia has prepared her for handling administrative duties in the regional office.

Robert can be reached at robert.korim@tdisdi.com and Jana at jana.gondova@tdisdi.com

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