Jacquess Caisson (1610-1676)

Historical archives often conceals many surprises. One of them is the personality of the French engineer Jacquess Caisson (1610-1676). His life was largely marked by concerns about the health of his son, who suffered from severe chronic respiratory disease. Thinking about ways in which his relief and oxygen enriched air that his son was breathing. He found that breathing gas under higher pressure helps him. Later, when he initiated the practical application of the principle of the diving bell (which afterwards got the name – caisson) gave construct the son of the great armored down and open crates that plunged into shore tanks. Hose, leading from the top of the caisson was discharged dense air into the room sick son. For us divers is interesting in this context means giving hands, which coordinated its Caisson with his son Yves. It means something like: “They know I am well” or “It’s all right.”

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