David “Diver Dave” Jensen

David first thought about SCUBA at a young age as he grew up watching James Bond films. His Certification Dive was done at Blue Lake on the Utah/Nevada border. This is a geothermal lake that stays relatively warm year-round. He recalls that it was snowing when he was beginning his last dive. “It was cool getting into geothermal waters; the cold air and snow on your face and the warm water on the rest of your body.”

Certified in 1992, David has loved diving and learning everything possible to make him a better Instructor. He also enjoys rock climbing, skydiving, photography, the outdoors, and traveling.

David worked for several dive operations since becoming an Instructor in 2002. In 2012 David became a manufacturer sales representative for various SCUBA brands and is excited with his position as the Regional Sales Manager for the Southwest and Hawaii.

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