Driving Change as a CD/IT

Here at SDI TDI ERDI, we love discussion. As industry innovators, it’s what drives us to make changes. There’s one answer to questions and concerns that we’ve had for years, It’s be the change. Which is typically met with confused looks but simply put, it’s the best solution. Here’s how in three steps.

 1. Become a CD or IT.

The industry shakers and movers are Course Directors and Instructor Trainers. They create the next batch of instructors who create all the divers. They have the top-down influence on skills, gear sales, travel … everything. If you aren’t already a CD or IT and you want to make a change, then now you have a new goal.

2. Learn to market.

Location doesn’t really matter. Thousands of inland divers want to teach their family members and friends. Professional development centers are not just for resort destinations although nothing is stopping you from teaching in a resort either. The candidates are out there, waiting for you to share your knowledge. Target them with effective marketing techniques and use technology to pinpoint your clients. Engage with them and start filling IDCs.

3. Influence.

Take your experience and passion whether that’s for a specific course structure, gear configurations, sales techniques … whatever, and pass that along to your instructor candidates. Give them the tools that you wish you had as a new instructor. Offer quality to your IDCs but don’t miss out on the quantity of candidates that are out there.

So if you want to make change in our industry, then become a Course Director or Instructor Trainer. Market to the tens of thousands of instructors created every year and influence the industry. There’s no other way to affect change like a Course Director or an Instructor Trainer can and there’s no agency that gives you the tools, power, and service like we do here at International Training.

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