There are a number of things that every diver (and instructor) should know about snorkel. To help you become a snorkel expert, SDI has put together three one-minute videos each covering the three key factors in snorkel selection, use and clearing.

Would you like to know more? Each video links to an in-depth article on the subject. Impress your friends with your in-depth knowledge of this important piece of dive gear. Watch all three videos and read all three articles.

3 Tips to Selecting a Snorkel

What is the best type of snorkel for you?

That will depend on a variety of factors, but chief among them will be the answer to the question, “What will you be using your snorkel for?”

Snorkel Set up

Attaching your snorkel

Before using your snorkel, you will need to attach it to your mask. There are both right and wrong ways to do this.

Snorkel Use

Clearing your snorkel

The one skill that seems to stymie most snorkelers is clearing your snorkel when water gets inside, either by accident or by diving below the surface. This is why we want to focus on snorkel clearing.

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