International Training Welcomes Four New Team Members

Phil – Shipping

Phil started his career at IT 4 months ago after moving back to the area he grew up to be closer to his grandmother as her dementia worsens. He was born in Jensen Beach where he grew up with an active life on the water. He hopes to regain that spark by learning numerous diving disciplines here at ITI. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando where he lived for 6 years and was close to the music scene before moving to Central Pennsylvania to begin his career at FedEx. Phil is a self-proclaimed workaholic and amateur musician. He’s played the guitar for 12 years and plan on teaching himself the piano in 2019. He has an eclectic taste in music because there are musical elements in every genre he can incorporate in the music he writes. Phil is the shipping manager at ITI and has gained his shipping experience working for big businesses such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and FedEx. On his days off he enjoys jam sessions, drinking craft beers on the water, writing, reading, and traveling around the States to strengthen old friendships. In the coming years he plans on continuing his yearly visits to the Bahamas, finish writing his first screen-play, and visiting Europe for his first time.

Gemma – Training and Membership Services

Gemma is an OC/CCR Cave and Technical Diving Instructor, Diver Medic Technician, published author, award-winning underwater photographer, media diver, and a professional scientific diver – just to mention a few of her roles! Gemma has operated as a team diver and ‘Guardian’ for many scientific projects, including becoming the first woman excavating on the Antikythera Shipwreck (where the world’s first ‘computer’ was discovered), the Mentor Shipwreck (the ship carrying the Parthenon marbles away from Greece), and in connection with various organisations completing a veteran recovery project on a downed WW2 B24 aircraft wreck. She is a Member of the Explorers Club and an Associate Member of the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame. The real OG!

Bill – Marketing

Bill is the most recent member to the marketing department at TDI/SDI/ERDI & First Response Training International. Much of his previous experience involved international teaching, traveling, automotive advertising, graphic design, and web development. When not at work, he enjoys working out, cooking and playing acoustic guitar. He loves water sports and has a new appreciation for Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Allison – Training and Membership Services

My work as a rider and groom in equestrian show jumping brought me from my hometown in California to sunny south Florida. I couldn’t resist the abundance of beautiful dive sites and favorable conditions and decided to move from the horse industry to the dive world. My academic background in archaeology and anthropology fueled an interest in our relationship with the underwater world, and I look forward to furthering my education with International Training! When not working or in the water, I can be found reading, manatee watching, or practicing photography.

Alan – Training and Membership Services

Alan is a graduate of Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s in general studies and a minor in Scuba Diving and is working on his masters in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration.  He became a Divemaster through the WIU Scuba program and has assisted many students learning to dive and how to improve on skills as they progressed through the program.  Alan has been diving since 2007 and started diving for the McDonough County Sheriff’s Department Dive Rescue Team shortly after completing his Open Water Certification.  The team would later reform as the Western Illinois Dive Rescue and Underwater Recovery Team and Alan would become one of the Assistant Commanders for the team.  Alan has served in the Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer since 2005, but since moving to Florida has switched to an Infantry Fireteam Leader.

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