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Cross Over to SDI. The Money Back Guarantee Offer

Here is the deal

Tell us what you paid to your existing agency for 2021 renewals, and we will cross you over for that amount. No secret fees either.

This will include all your ratings and specialties that can cross over administratively, crossover materials, and all registration and processing fees. Not only that, but we will also include eLearning codes of the same value to use with your students, so you can make your investment work for you right away.

Is there a catch? We are so confident that you will enjoy the awesome customer service we offer, the great materials we have, and our cost of materials that permit you to make a profit, that we will honor a money-back guarantee after 12 months if your experience was not amazing. What do you have to lose?

Scroll down to contact your regional office and start your crossover today.