Michael Villafranco


Michael strives to always go “Above and Beyond.” His passions include his amazing family and friends, marketing, technology, A/V, A/C, superheroes, peace, and happiness for all. He celebrates diversity and firmly believes that variety is the spice of life. You’ll find him listening to everything from Pink Floyd to Willie Nelson, John Williams to Eric Prydz. On his TV, you’ll catch Brooklyn 99, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Children of Men, and a slew of random YouTube shows. His current hobbies include gaming and photography, and he is taking the first steps into mastering videography as well. If you need anything from Michael, just ask!

Rick Peck


Rick was born in Newport Beach California and has been in, on, and around water his entire life racing sailboats, body surfing, and diving. After 30 years in frozen Upstate NY, Rick and his wife relocated to Florida so they can dive year round. Rick received his open water SCUBA certification in 2006, SDI Assistant Instructor in 2013, and his SDI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor certification in 2016. He and his wife both love diving in the Caribbean and are running out of new islands to visit. Rick will be working in Customer Service and Training and plans on continuing his training.

Laurie Martin


With 25 years of executive assistant experience in fortune 500 companies.  I have decided to join SDI for the culture of the industry and SDI’s culture and become Stephanie Miele right hand partner.

I come from Boston and a HUGE fan of all the Sports teams there, especially the Patriots.  I watch every football game every Sunday no matter who is playing -Go Pat’s.

I am a mother of 4 children, who are my pride and joy.  I am also a Nanny to two beautiful girls. I love the ocean and love fishing, both bottom and pelagic fishing.   When I’m not with my children I love to volunteer for the community.

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