Our South America Growth Continues!

SDI TDI ERDI America Latina Norte

Cartagena, Colombia

International training has announced that the newest regional office to join the SDI TDI ERDI family is SDI TDI ERDI America Latina Norte, located in Cartagena, Colombia. Deibis Seguro has been named Regional Manager for the new office that will serve members in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

“Sr. Seguro, who has been an Instructor Trainer with SDI, has the business background that we look for in our global partners, including experience with retail and instruction in the dive industry” stated Paul Montgomery, VP of International Business Development. Cris Merz, VP of Sales Americas added that “having worked with Deibis since he joined us as an instructor, Deibis will be a great fit and round out our representation in South America.” SDI TDI and ERDI recently added America Latina Sur this past 2016.

“I am very excited about this opportunity that we have for the region. SDI TDI has been steadily gaining notice and offers alternatives to dive centers, dive clubs and instructors throughout the region” said Deibis. “It really has an impact in the region”.

For more information about SDI TDI ERDI America Latina Norte or becoming a SDI TDI dive center or instructor, the regional office can be reached at deibis.seguro@tdisdi.com or at +57 5 6646155

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