We are excited to show our support for the new RESA standards released this week. Coming together to support these minimum training standards for rebreathers is very important for the unity of the dive community. TDI and International Training as a whole have always had a high set of minimum training standards, and this helps us to continue to promote safety for all rebreather divers, both new and experienced. It goes without saying that we are happy to endorse these new training standards as a training agency and as a community. Please take a moment to watch the video above to learn more about what went into creating these standards over the last year.

“RESA is publishing these minimum training standards so that every rebreather student and diver will have an understanding and expectation of what should be taught in their CCR diver classes. If topics are skipped during training, the student will know that they are not being provided with a full program of learning. These RESA minimum training standards are an integral part of the manufacturers’ minimum standards.

RESA encourages training organizations to meet these minimum standards in their instruction of rebreather divers. These are the global industry standards for CCR education and training, and it is the intention of RESA’s members that these minimum standards shall be met or exceeded regardless of the location where training is received or the individual organization or instructor providing training. If there is a discrepancy between the RESA minimum standards and the minimum training standards of any training agency or organization, the RESA standards shall supersede the conflicting standard(s).”

If you are interested in reading the full document of RESA standards, we encourage you to do so HERE.

Below, you will find a copy of the press release from Kim Mikusch, the president of RESA.

August 16, 2018

In accordance with our mission of promoting safety and education, the rebreather manufacturers that are permanent members of RESA have unanimously adopted these minimum training standards for all levels of rebreather training.

These are the minimum skills necessary for a diver to learn to use a rebreather safely at various levels of instruction across all models manufactured by RESA members. We believe training agencies and individual instructors must meet these standards when teaching students, and we encourage training agencies and individual instructors to exceed these levels.

If a particular training agency’s minimum standards fall below the manufacturers’ minimum standards, the manufacturers’ minimum standards supersede the training agency standards. The RESA standards are the standard in the industry for the safe use of the RESA manufacturers’ products.

We encourage all students and divers to familiarize themselves with the RESA standards, and to achieve these standards in their education and diving practices.”

Kim Mikusch President, RESA Kim@kissrebreathers.com 1 479 739 7726

Law Office of David G. Concannon LLC, 200 Eagle Road Suite 116, Wayne, Pennsylvania, 19087 Director@rebreather.org

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