Snorkel attachment Infographic

Attaching your snorkel

Before using your snorkel, you will need to attach it to your mask. There are both right and wrong ways to do this.

The keys to correctly attaching your snorkel to your mask include:

  • Use the supplied attachment
  • Attach it on the left
  • Angle it back

Let’s take a look at each.

1. Use the supplied attachment

Snorkel Attachment use the keeper

  • Nearly all snorkels come with a way to attach the snorkel to your mask. This can be a simple clip that hooks on your mask strap, or a two-piece assembly, with one part that remains on
    your mask strap while the other part detaches from it.
  • The supplied attachment hardware almost always provides the easiest way to attach the snorkel. No need to re-invent the wheel.
  • If you lose or break the supplied attachment hardware, after-market “snorkel keepers” are also available. This means you won’t lose your investment in your snorkel simply because the supplied attachment breaks or goes missing.


 2. Attach it on the left

Why the left?Snorkel Attachment put in on left

  • If you only snorkel, the side may not matter.. You can’t count on this, though.
  • Many snorkel mouthpieces only work if you attach the snorkel on the left. Otherwise, the mouthpiece will be at the wrong angle.
  • If you scuba dive, you must attach the snorkel on the left so that it does not interfere with your regulator. This is a standard of practice in scuba diving.

Whether snorkeling or scuba diving, you are best off just always attaching the snorkel on the left.

3. Angle the snorkel back

Snorkel Attachment Angle it back

  • If your snorkel is too far forward, the tip may go under water when you look down. At the very least, you increase the likelihood a passing wave will force water inside.
  • Angle the snorkel far back. The attachment point should be just behind your ear
  • Doing so means that, when you look down, the snorkel will be pointing straight up. This poses the least risk of water getting inside your snorkel.

What to remember

To correctly attach your snorkel to your mask, keep these three things in mind:

  • Use the attachment that came with your snorkel; however, if this is broken or missing, after-market “snorkel keepers” are available.
  • Attach the snorkel to the left side of your mask — especially if you scuba.
  • Angle the snorkel back so that, when you look down, it points straight up.

Have additional questions about snorkels or snorkeling? Talk to the experienced professionals at your local SDI Dive Center. They will be able to help you.

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