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Statement on Linnea Mills

With the tragic loss of Linnea Mills, we can’t help but feel the pain Lisa and Scott Mills must be feeling. Our thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences go out to them. Many of our staff at International Training are parents and our company culture is founded on openness. If staff ask questions about news articles or social media posts, we answer them to the best of our ability with our knowledge and experience, and with honesty. We feel transparency is the best policy and knowledge is power, which helps avoid accidents in the future. This case, like all the ones before it, has shaken our staff.

Knowing that even seasoned divers can be shaken and confidence in their abilities questioned, International Training would like to extend an offer to retrain, re-certify, or just dive with any divers trained by Ms. Snow. This offer is supported and funded by an anonymous donor.

Our offer is not meant to cast shade or blame. It is intended to build our industry, to have confident and capable divers who enjoy the sport as much as we do. This can only happen with open and transparent communication; we must learn from the past and not repeat its mistakes.

If you are one of these divers, and would like to take us up on our offer, please contact us at

Please consider donating to the Linnea Foundation. 100% of all money donated to The Linnea Foundation is donated to causes and programs Linnea supported based on her interests, the advice of her friends, foundation board members, and family.

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