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Start Technical Diving in 3 Simple Steps.


Intro to Tech Diving

Start your SDI Open Water Scuba Diver eLearning course and master all the important academic information. You can complete this phase through self-study, at your own pace, in the convenience of your home or office.  All eLearning courses work on mobile and tablet devices too.


pool training for scuba

For entry-level certification courses (as well as some continuing-education classes), the next step will be to complete your in-water skill-development training. This takes place in a swimming pool or similar body of confined water, under the supervision of an SDI Instructor.


Open Water Diver

The final step is to complete the required number of SDI open-water training dives under the supervision of your SDI Instructor. Here you will apply what you have learned during your academic and skill-development sessions, while learning practical lessons that can only be gained through real-world experience in open water.

The Story of TDI

Want to know a little bit more about who we are? Watch this short video we created right here at our World Headquarters


We are Supported by SDI. We are part of a Family at SDI. We are Welcomed at SDI. We are Empowered by SDI. Our House is now Home with SDI. That is why we do business with SDI. That is why we Love SDI!

Jason Meany
Jason MeanyOwner - Deep Stop Scuba

SDI continues its leadership in the dive industry.  We are not churning out SCUBA divers in a mass production style.  We are training quality divers who will hopefully remain in the sport long term.  SDI has built a worldwide network of quality training facilities.   At a time when the numbers of new SCUBA divers is decreasing worldwide, SDI has shown an innovative approach to attracting new divers that appeal to the modern lifestyle.

Casey and Emily Zwaan
Casey and Emily ZwaanOwners - Beaver Divers

SDI allows me to customize every course to the needs of my students. Should a student get stuck on a specific skill, we can move on to something else, and once the student becomes a bit more confident, we can go back to the skill he/she was having trouble with. I can also add on more skills and information to the courses I teach, therefore making it my own course.

Erik Rosenstein
Erik RosensteinOwner - Beyond Diving

Start My Adventure

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