March 09



Your Professional Member eNewsletter is distributed monthly and is one way we use to keep in touch with our most important asset: you. Please be sure to update your email address with HQ if you are about to change it. We need your most current contact details on file… send to

Business, business, business… That is the focus in your March issue. Stimulus packages seem to be the trend, so look over our Training Stimulus Program. Then read Ed Christini’s brief on a recent ruling on the Good Samaritan Law and how that may effect you. Also check out this month’s Retailer Tips with advice from a retail consultant on how to help you stimulate more customer loyalty… and sales. And of course there’s lots of news about dive show instructor updates and crossovers, diving clickers from the latest issue of Dive Log, and feedback for a recent survey we did on diving and the economy.

Earn a month’s FREE training materials!


We wanted to bring you a program that would positively impact your bottom line as fast as possible. For as many years as our group has been in existence our growth has been attributed to the support and referrals of you, our members. So when it was time to put together a program to try and give back to all of you who have been so loyal and so supportive for so long we thought we would put our money where our mouth is and say THANK YOU in a more…shall we say rewarding way!

From now till May 31st we will give you a FREE month worth of training materials for all of our courses (excluding leadership) that you teach when you help us recruit a fellow dive Center into our group!

Read on below, look the program over and give your Regional Manager or us at HQ a call to see how you can put this DIVE RETAILER TRAINING STIMULUS PROGRAM to work for you.



Good Samaritan ruling may impact you…            
Our man Ed Christini starts his regular Industry Insight column with his take on a recent California Court decision that could have a far-reaching influence on the dive industry…

RETAIL TIPS: Focus on Customer Experience 

Following Gagne’s educational model will never replace hands-on classroom and pool experience for new (and experienced) scuba instructors, but understanding its message can help all of us improve our presentation and lecture style.


And the Survey Says…  

We asked more than 20,000 divers to share their thoughts about the economy and what effects it would have on their buying habits in 2009…

WHAT IS YOUR SCHEDULE… Tell us and we’ll tell the world!

Every month we send out a newsletter to Associate Members’ (SDI, TDI certified divers) filled with information designed to get you new customers and help drive existing ones back to your store. The content is varied… and informative… and we need your help!

SEND US NEWS OF COMING DM, AI and Instructor programs you are running!

HERE IS THE CALENDAR>>>                                                                       

LOCAL DIVES… Help us promote North American dive destinations

Every month in our associate members newsletter we highlight an area of North America with interesting diving and good surface support from SDI and TDI training facilities and retail centers. The April issue of Dive Log will focus on The Pacific Northwest. Please send us word of any suggestions, special courses, classic dives or customer events you would like us to include. Contact your regional representative or email




Attend one of the instructor updates in your area this spring… and tell people about leadership crossovers.

There are some spots open for our Spring Instructor-Trainer Workshop (ITW) in Maine. Plus there are programs running in the mid-west

flags... they are free

Look at what interested the divers who received a March Issue of Dive Log

The March issue of Dive Log eNewsletter was distributed to thousands of SDI, TDI, ERDI customers and more than a thousand other subscribers March 2 through 4. Knowing what interests these customers can help inform you what to promote in your store.



Just a quick reminder that we have the brand new and very attractive facility window stickers in stock ready for shipment today! CONTACT US NOW. Show your pride in being a professional member of the Scuba Diving International™, Technical Diving International™ family of training facilities. Let your customers know the level of support and quality of training they can expect from you is second to none…









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