SDI student/diver logbooks undergo make-over: Best logbook out there, say your customers

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SDI student/diver logbooks undergo make-over: Best logbook out there, say your customers

Scuba Diving International™ (SDI) has just announced that its brand-new dive logbooks are in-stock and ready for delivery in time for the launch of its 2010 Plan it, Live it, Log it, diver awareness campaign.  

Dive Journal from SDIThe SDI Dive Journal has the same popular design dive log pages as before. These include student certification records, listing of SDI courses, post-training dive logs and personal information.

“One big difference to the new Dive Journal,” explains Steve Lewis, director of marketing and corporate communications for SDI and TDI. “Is that we listened to feedback from divers and instructors and now the new logbooks are bound with a soft , full-color cover very similar to our textbooks and other materials.”

Lewis says the perfect binding and soft covers makes the books easier to pack into a dive bag, hold up to the rigors of travelling in a dive gear bag, and during initial testing and consumer survey “Seem to have much greater appeal to divers who say they look more hip, and more attractive.”

The new SDI Dive Journal logbooks will continue the great tradition of being part of a new diver’s initiation into the sport and help make it easy for divers to keep track of their dives, dive conditions and dive kit. All of which Lewis points out are vitally important steps for ALL divers.

“The New SDI Logbooks are ready for the launch of the Plan It, Live It, Log It campaign for 2010,” Lewis mentions. The Plan it, Live it, Log it campaign will be getting the message across to SDI and TDI divers that planning and then logging dives is a vital and necessary components of safe and fun diving. We will be promoting this to the world-wide dive community and putting focus on the basic need to make a plan, follow it and then LOG IT! SDI and TDI feel that keeping track of one’s experience and sharing that experience with dive operations and dive leaders is core to building a safer structure for ALL divers.”

How to Order
Get your stock of SDI Dive Journals ordered now, so that you are ready for the campaign launch. The books are item # 210701 and can be ordered directly from SDI’s Customer Service Desk in Maine or from your local SDI representative or regional office.

Don’t forget that now is the time for you to renew your personal instructor membership and facility registration. For complete details, follow these links.

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