Ten Best Dive Sites in Malta and Gozo

Ten Best Dive Sites Malta and Gozo

Listing ten best dive sites on Malta and Gozo is really down to a vote from former students and Instructors who visit the destination for pleasure and training and the following are a selection that has been voted for. The following list is a mixture of recreational and technical dives, but any are worth a dip.


This is one of the most versatile dive sites on Malta with areas that suit both recreational and technical be its single cylinder, twins, side mount or rebreather. They are two wrecks tug boat ROZI P29 Patrol Boat, two arches, anchors and various swim-throughs. In fact, depths and dives to suit all.

2.Um El Faroud

Sunk on purpose in 1998 as a diving attraction it is now split in half due to heavy storm about 36mtrs to the prop and approx. 110 meters in length this provides both a great dive for advanced recreational and technical divers with good penetration areas for those suitably qualified

3.The Inland Sea

This is located on Gozo consisting of an 80mtr tunnel leading to open sea with an amazing wall dive again these suits advanced recreational and technical divers with depths down to 60mtrs or just keep to 20 to 30mtrs.

4.The Blue Hole and Coral Gardens

Again, on Gozo as the name implies there is a blue hole that leads to open water and used to be the iconic Azure Window which collapsed during a storm many say the site is even better now with various rock formations.

5.HMS Stubborn

This is a boat dive more for the technical divers intact submarine lying in the sandy bottom at approx. 57mtrs visibility can be simply amazing


Again another boat dive this was a luxury French liner depths between 60 -65 meters a very large vessel with loads to see in fact one dive does not do it justice

7.Xlendi, Karwela, and Comino land

One of the best shore dives on Gozo where you can do all three wrecks in one dive if you are suitably equipped all being in the 40mtr depth range, definitely fit the bill for extended range or decompression procedure qualified divers.

8.Billingshurst Cave

Quite a difficult site more suited to experienced divers but a must for the Cave divers amongst use

9.Santa Maria Caves Of Comino

Best setting aside a full day for this area, several sea caves and swim-throughs depths to suit recreational divers and very scenic dive site

10.Middle Finger

Lastly for those technical divers wishing to employ their advanced quals be it open circuit or rebreather literally 10mtrs from the shore and drop 10mtrs to top of the finger you can continue down to 100mtr+ a good training site for the more advanced technical training.

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