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We are here to help you with your marketing

Do you have an article, graphic, newsletter, or any other marketing project that needs to be implemented or translated for your community?  Maybe you need to send a newsletter to your region or translate an article to share with your fans, but you need help assembling the campaign assets.  We can help.  Complete one of the below forms to start a project for your region.

This process is pretty simple.

To get started, click a marketing project icon from below.  Each project icon will open a specific google form designed to help you gather the necessary content for your project. Remember to plan ahead.  The Marketing department requires a minimum of two (2) working weeks from the date the work order was submitted.

Complete the form
Fill out the form and attach any files needed for your project.  Once you’ve completed the form, click SUBMIT.

Marketing starts the work order
Once submitted, your form will create a ticket in our system.  We will get a notification and can begin to build your content.

Approve Content
When complete, we will send a draft to you for approval.  That’s it!  Pretty simple right?